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by Fratelli Boffi



Surprise is a containing boiserie conceived to show itself externally as a solid wood wall, precious in workmanship and with a refined aesthetic that reproduces a macro ribbing in the design, concealing inside an extraordinary sequence of equipment, modules and components, designed to meet different needs of use. Opening Surprise is a surprising experience: each compartment tells of the extraordinary skill of a company capable of working wood with great skill and knowing how to combine it with precious materials each time. Made entirely of maple with a semi-gloss finish, Surprise is a boiserie with a transformative soul capable of furnishing different spaces in the house thanks to the numerous possibilities for customizing the internal components. In fact, it can be structured with pivoting bar elements that rotate on a central pivot and offer numerous compartments and supports for glasses and bottles, as well as be equipped with wardrobe modules to house clothes and shoes, or again, transform into a perfect home-office workstation or in tv cabinet for living space.

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