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Jil is in Cap d'Antibes, at the Eden Roc Hotel. She likes swimming in the pool at early morning when there is nobody yet. She covers her sumptuous body with a white bathrobe, waiting for the sun warm it. She drinks a glass of iced water with a slice of lemon that is astounding becouse of its scent. She stays there for a few hours: then, in the afternoon, she goes to the Picasso Museum.

In front of the small castle that belonged to the Grimaldi family, she thinks of Picasso who used it as his studio and of his works, wich the Spanish artist left there and now can be seen by everyone again and again, like Joie de vivre. And she thinks of Francois Gilot who was with the artist while he was painting. She thinks of all the artists who have chosen the Franch Riviera as the place where to paint: Cezanne and his Sainte-Victoire mountain, Matisse and his papiers découpés, but also Sonia Delaunay, Hans Arp and Alberto Magnelli. She thinks of the importance of light that it's now with her while she is waiting for him. He will arrive soon. She met him in Los Angeles, while she was visiting the Getty Museum, and they found themselves seated in a car discovering the Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings. He toldher about the American architect as if he knew him. They werr both Japanese prints collectors. She coul have listen to him forever.

Text by Azalea Seratoni

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