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by Lorenza Bozzoli Design

Ottoman with Fringes

In the creative trial that has brought to the birth of the new Pouf Couture, Lorenza Bozzoli has started from the observation of the material for then design its use function that valorized better its intrinsic qualities. Seasoned of fashion and fashion design - before devoting to the production of objects of interior -, Lorenza has chosen with care typology and colors of the fabrics, for then to give it three-dimensional expression in a series of the functional pouf, creative, colored. The combinations of black and white, yellow, greens and blues give life to a living chromatic palette. bright, highly decorative, that suggests references to the tribal geometries and those mondrianianes. From the world of the haute couture, the poufs inherit the manufacturing of tailoring, which brings, through ancient looms, to the creation of the fringes applied on the structure in cotton velvet and Mongolian fur with seams performed to hand.

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