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Sofa Set System

Winner of EESC European Award for Excellent Sustainable Design 2016

Dedon’s first fully upholstered collection, Brixx offers amazing versatility and 360° functionality. Simple yet sophisticated, natural yet refined, this flexible system of rectangular modules fully lives up to the playfulness of its name, allowing you to construct islands of luxurious comfort outdoors or in. Accessible from all sides, the collection brings people together for relaxing and interacting in a whole new way. And with Brixx, there’s no limit to the configurations you can create.

The new BRIXX modules feature the same diagonal fabric seam as the originals, as well as the same high-end indoor-style construction, including steel frames encased in molded polyurethane foam. Indeed, the only observable difference of the new modules is the upholstered backrests themselves, which seem to float above the sofa seat, help up by elegantly minimal cast-aluminum supports.

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